Marki Insurance Agency


Why Us

At Marki, we  play crucial roles in the insurance industry by acting as intermediaries or consultants  between insurance companies and individuals or businesses seeking insurance coverage. Here are some of our key roles  and responsibilities we undertake:

  1. Providing Advice: we offer expert advice and guidance to clients regarding their insurance needs. We assess the risks faced by clients and recommend suitable insurance policies that align with their requirements.
  2. Assessing Risk: At Marki, we evaluate the risks associated with clients’ personal or business activities. Our team  analyse various factors such as assets, liabilities, industry trends, and potential risks to determine the appropriate coverage options and policy terms.
  3. Policy Placement: Once we assess the risk, our team assists in selecting the most suitable insurance policies from different insurance providers. We cover options, premiums, terms, and conditions to help clients make informed decisions.
  4. Tailoring Insurance Solutions: Our team understands clients’ specific needs and tailor solutions accordingly. We negotiate with insurance companies to customize policies, endorsements, or extensions to meet unique requirements.
  5. Obtaining Quotes and Coverage: Our able team gathers quotations from multiple insurance companies and presents them to clients. They explain the differences between the quotations, highlighting coverage details, exclusions, deductibles, and premiums. Once the client selects a policy, we facilitate the issuance of the coverage.
  6. Claims Assistance: In the event of a claim, Marki will  act as advocates to our clients. Our team of experts will assist in the claims process, helping clients understand the procedures, gather required documentation, and communicate with the insurance company to expedite claim settlements.
  7. Risk Management Services: At Marki we often provide risk management services to our clients. We identify potential risks, recommend strategies to mitigate them, and assist in implementing risk control measures to minimize the likelihood or impact of losses.
  8. Policy Renewals and Adjustments: Our team monitors policy expiration dates and proactively initiates the renewal process. They review clients’ evolving needs and recommend adjustments to insurance coverage, ensuring that clients’ policies remain relevant and up to date.
  9. Industry Knowledge and Market Insights: Our team stays updated on industry trends, changes in regulations, and new insurance products or offerings. They provide clients with valuable market insights, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs.
  10. Client Advocacy: At Marki, we act as advocates for our clients throughout the insurance process. We represent clients’ interests, handle complaints, and resolve any issues or disputes that may arise between our clients and insurance companies.